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"I just want to thank you for allowing me to live in & enjoy your properties @ The White Oaks, Prospect Towers & The Porticos for the past 10+ years. I also want to let you know that Troy is the best Manager you have - he always treated me professionally & with respect. You are so fortunate to have him on your staff."

When the Porticos was first built in Fox Point, it was known as the "crown jewel" of the North Shore apartments. Some years later, a group from Texas bought the 3-building complex as an investment. The lack of care and management by this company had tarnished this "jewel" into a sad development in deed of serious repairs. The "Porticos" was then purchased by a local company, Katz Properties as an investment and was immediately attended to. Everything was repaired, refurbished and returned to the prized complex it had been – plus more added amenities than were originally available.
Now when I am asked where I live, my reply is "at the Porticos." There is always a positive response that makes me feel that I live in a special place. It's very nice to live "where everyone knows its name."
Am I happy living at the Porticos? You bet I am!
    -A happy resident!

Thank you so so so very much KATZ for providing us a absolutely wonderful apartment at Marshall Manor with continuous maintenance support (every time :)). Me and my family is very grateful to you guys for proving a secure and clean place to live in past 3.5 years. Thank you Ken for your very friendly nature and always there to help us with a big smile. :):)

"Hello Mr. Katz, I just wanted to let you know that Debra Powers at the Empire Building is one of the best building managers that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She has been very punctual in my requests for the apartment and has been a good friend in general and I wanted to make sure that you knew this. "

"Dear Mr. Katz: We would like to commend Gary Schutkin, the best manager we have encountered at White Oaks. He is capable, courteous and resourceful - no problem seems beyond his abilities to resolve. And he undertakes all his tasks with good cheer. Best Regards,"
    -Resident of 8 years

"Mr. Katz: I wanted to write and let you know that I am so thrilled to have gotten to know 2 of your employees better and wanted to make sure you know how special they are for the residents and Katz Properties as a whole. Tracy in the main office and Chris who does maintenance. These two people NEVER make you feel they are too busy for you...they ALWAYS are caring, they ALWAYS do their job to perfection and they ALWAYS believe in the followthru. They are a model for employees in any industry. Thank you for having the foresight to hire them!"

"Dear Dan, Thank you for such an enjoyable Holiday party at the Prospect Towers!! It was so festive, the food was delicious, and the champagne flowed!! Your generosity and warm remarks made me feel very pleased to be a resident at Prospect Towers. Thank you also for Rick, Eva, and Jenna - - They're great!!"

"Dear Mr. Katz, Once again you have granted my request to make some patio changes in the apartment I love. I am overwhelmed at the kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness you have always extended to me. It is difficult for me to figure out why — you are not a relative, not a social network friend, nor a former neighbor. You are not someone I went to school with, heck, you are not even of my generation. I can only categorize you as a 'good friend', and that feels right to me. So, thank you, thank you my new 'good friend'. "

"To everyone at White Oaks/Katz, I would like to thank you all for helping to give me a warm, cozy, safe & perfect little home since last May! It was a wonderful experience living in the luxury that is White Oaks. I will miss it very much here! Cheers!."
    -Valerie T.

"It has been a wonderful experience living in my apartment. Thank you!"

"Thanks so much for all your help. The apartment on Lake Drive was a great experience for us."
   -Viola and Conor

"I appreciate your throughtfullness towards me the past few very difficult months I've endured."

"I have truly enjoyed my experience here. The staff is super helpful. Whenever I have a question I immediatley recieve an e-mail back with the answer. The building is always kept clean and very organized. I am very happy to live here."

"You have always made us feel at home."
   -Rob and Sarah

"I haved LOVED living at the Porticos."
   - June

"Thank you very much for the great job that you did over the last year. It is very, very appreciated."

"The front of the building looks beautiful! I really like it here - thank you!"

"Thanks you for giving my mother and I such a nice home for all these years."

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